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The company started its operation under the name of Casa Mercedes Inc. in 1993.

The company made its first sales to small restaurants owned by friends of the company directors and proprietors.

The positive feedback given by its clients increased the company’s confidence to set up Casa Kyla Incorporated a non-stock corporation organized in 1995.

CKI started with Manila Linen, a locally produced and trademark fabric, and was a big success. This product has gone through several upgrades and Manila Linen today is a much-improved version of what it was in the early 90’s.

As a result of customer requests for a 100% cotton fabric, Local Damask was developed in 1995. Soon after a customer made a request to produce a hybrid between Manila Linen and Local Damask. Being responsive to customer requirements the company made Cotton Rich in 1996 a fabric that has the touch of cotton and the durability of polyester.

Since then the company has diversified its product lines to not only napkins and tablecloth but also all other fabric related items needed by the hotel industry.

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